Oil and gas

Russian engineering company PetroGasTech, L.L.C. was set up with the aim to introduce innovative technologies in domestic oil and gas industry. We focus on identification, development, implementation, and promotion of technologies for oil and gas exploration, production, refining, and transportation.

At the moment, domestic oil and gas and service companies often use outdated equipment and technology which are far from perfect and considerably reduce total efficiency and cost effectiveness of oil and gas production. PetroGasTech, L.L.C. made it its mission to meet the demand for high-tech solutions for oil and gas industry of Russia and CIS.

Main Office Holding company PetroGasTech LLC
Office 329, ul. Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya 40/12, bldg. 2
105066 Moscow, Russia
Phones: +7 499 922 88 90 | +7 499 235 41 04
E-mail: info@petrogastech.ru